Leather Furniture

Furniture is the first thing which strikes to our mind when we start renovating our house. Luxurious and attractive furniture represents our lifestyle. For living room and other large areas, Leather furniture is the first choice of the stuff. Furniture with leather stuff needs the appropriate and proper care. The attractiveness and shine of leather furniture ruins with the time. Grace of the area with leather furniture can be considered only if furniture is properly maintained. There are simple ways which can be followed by the user to keep leather clean and proper.

1.) First step in cleaning of leather furniture is that find out the type of leather stuff which can be found on the tags.

2.) Use distilled water instead of normal water for the cleaning purpose because normal water contains chlorine and other chemicals which harms the leather.

3.) vacuum cleaner with the soft brush must be used instead of hard brush because hard brush leaves scratches and marks on the leather stuff.

4.) Good quality of liquid soap must be mix up in the water to create the better foam.

5.) Now, Dip the rib into the liquid soap water and then squeeze it properly.

6.) Check out a little area by applying this rib on a small area of leather furniture. If it suits to the furniture than you can proceed otherwise it is better to avoid.

7.) Take a another rib and dip this one in the distilled water. Use this one after applying soapy rib.

8.) Dry rib must be rubbed after applying water rib on the leather as it can clean all the water from it.

9.) Use a shiny solution to give a little shine to the furniture.

10.) Avoid using silicon and oil as sticky effects are left after using them.

Leather furniture maintenance is the tedious task which is difficult to handle by everyone but such simple ten steps can be followed by anyone.


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