How to Care Wooden Furniture?

Furniture of our own area is the part of our life. Furniture is the grace of house when maintained properly. Many aspects like kids, oils, pets, etc spoils the shine of furniture and it becomes difficult to keep furniture look like as it was on the first day when bought. It is important to provide proper maintenance with cleaning and polishing to the furniture with some time on the regular and daily basis. Now the question is, What can you do to take care of your furniture? So here are some useful tips to learn how to take care of your furniture.

1.) Place your furniture away from the direct sunlight as sunlight fades the color of furniture.

2.) Do not place any wooden furniture under windows and in front of doors.

3.) Shift the accessories regularly which are kept on the furniture.

4.) Dust the furniture daily with a soft cloth.

5.) Polish all the furniture every 5-6 months.

6.) Use polish instead of wax.


7.) Avoid putting newspaper and other things on furniture for long hours as they can dismiss the color of fabric easily.

8.) Do not use direct water for cleaning purpose. Use warm water including mild dish soap.

9.) If you are moving furniture from one place to another, do not hurry as hurry in such things creates scratches, gouges and dents easily.

10.) Humidity affects the furniture badly.  Keep away your furniture in the high moisturizing area.

11.) Do not put hot items like coffee mug, iron. steaming tureens directly on the furniture. They can harm the furniture directly.

12.) Finger Nail polish, nail paint remover perfumes, alcohol are such organic solvents which harms the furniture by removing paint and coatings.

13.) Never place any furniture near stoves and fireplaces.

14.) To remove solid materials like wax, always use spoon and any similar tool.

15.) Always use white smooth and soft cloth to remove the stains.

16.) Do not use normal soap for cleaning as they can cause harm to satin.

17.) Avoid use of varnish, abrasive cleaners, detergent soaps, cleaning solvents, furniture polish, furniture polish, etc for cleaning purpose.

These are some important facts and tips to take care of your furniture. They can help you to maintain grace and quality of the furniture. Contemporary furniture are good quality furniture. They does not need so much of care. Everyone wishes to keep the looks of furniture same as it was at the time of purchasing.


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