Judgement of Sofa quality

Quality is the only factor which plays more important role than looks in the case of furniture like sofa, bed and chair. Sometimes we see that two identical sofas varies a lot in the case of price. The secret is the quality of wood.  There are three factors which determines the quality of sofas. Seating support, filling and frame are those factors which helps us to select sofa according to the best quality.

1.) FRAME: Life of the sofa depends on the frame of sofa. High quality of sofa will be comprised of strong and sturdy frame. Strong frame will increase the life of sofa. Kiln-dried hardwood is the best wood to make a frame for sofa. In Kiln drying process moisture is removed from the hardwood. This process retains the stability and shape of the sofa for long time. Green wood generally shrinks and cracks. Joints are the main factor in creating the frame. Special emphasis is given on the glue, screw and dowel for the quality frame. For extra support reinforcing blocks are added to the corners. Sofa with a plywood frame must have 11-13 layers of plywood in the manufacture. Material of the frame plays vital role in the quality of sofa.


2.) FILLING: For the best filling of sofa, it is required to have high quality cushions. These high quality of cushions prevent feathers from poking. Dacron® polyester fiber are the best Blendown pads for high density foam. Pads are easy to use with springs that wrap up in foam. These type of cushions does not lose their shape easily so it is good option to have such cushions. Higher density power of polyurethane is the common filling for the sofa cushions. Low density foam easily breaks down so it is good option to have high density foam cushions for better and long life.

3.) SEATING: Before buying sofa, it is important to test the seating of the it. It is important to have best comfort and support in the seat and in the back.  Eight-way hand tied springs system is the best option for the sofa seating selection. In this system each spring adjoins up with a strong twine. Sinuous springs are “S” shaped sofas which are the second option for the preference. In this type of seating springs are supported by additional wires that cross from side to side. It takes less space to place and makes the seat strong comparatively.

Designer sofa furniture sets are important for the lounge area, bedrooms and office areas. So these important factors are very important to keep in mind for the best selection of sofa.


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