What is Eclectic Style of Decoration?

Eclectic style is the styling of furniture in which style of the furniture is quite richest, most likeable among the all styles of the furniture. It is the most personalized style, so it is best option to have Eclectic style of furniture in your area. It is the appealing style of furnishing in which variety of periods, styles, and sources are concerned. Some basic features of Diverse or Eclectic Style are Contrasts, Mixture of textures, patterns, fabrics and colors. It is extremely personal style of decoration because all the furnishes in this are chosen by the user. There are unexpected combinations in the Eclectic Style which is the mixture of old and new style. There is the combination of styling furniture of different cultures. There are step back and survey points which should be kept in the mind when decorating the space with Eclectic style. These points can help us to put off our house looking disgusting like furnishes of the area are just thrown in any way in the house.

There are some tips and steps to use Eclectic style in the house such as:

1.) Creating a mix: Creating the mix is the basic of styling a Eclectic in the home. Mixture of different styles by combining different styles, periods, sources and furnishes from many different cultures. Lot of time and planning with creative mind is needed in the aspect.

2.) Special emphasis on colors and patterns: Mix the different colors and patterns against the creative background. Combination of different scales and colors can be helpful in different terms of tones.


3.) Contrast features: Create contrasting features of eclectic rooms. Some common contrast features of eclectic rooms are strong pattern against plain areas, dark against light, metal against wood, etc. Place a different large piece of furniture in the room which should have contrast feature to the other furnishes of the room.

4.) Place Unifiers: Placing unifiers in the Eclectic area is a important feature in which  we can think about upholstery choices like leather furniture, Throw pillows etc. Throw pillows were generally used as accents can also be used in the Eclectic style to put the whole room together.

5.) Repeat colors: Colors and the patterns should be repeated in the room. It is a great idea of repetition in the Eclectic styling.


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