Labor Day Celebrations & Furniture Deals in United States

In United States, Labor Day is celebrated with full of happiness and enjoyment. For many people it only means a day off and the end of summer season. Very few out of them knows why it is called a Labor Day. It is a day that is celebrated to pay a tribute to all working men and women. Since 1894, it has been celebrated as the national holiday in US and Canada.

Labor unions started celebrating the first Labor Day themselves in US. Although who actually came with its idea is still it is not clear yet. Some people credit Peter McGuire (Joiners and cofounder of the American Federation of Labor) and others credit Matthew Maguire (secretary of Local 344 of the International Association of Machinists in Paterson, N.J.).

The first Labor Day parade had happened at Sept. 5, 1881 in New York. The union of workers chose Monday in September to celebrate this day as it was between Independence Day and Thanksgiving Day. This idea is taken seriously across US and Canada and states designated a holiday on Labor Day, before the federal holidays.

This day is celebrated in United States with lots of fun and enjoyment. Different sales, discounts and offers are thrown during the Labor Day weeks by the big stores. The furniture stores in phoenix also offer great deals on furniture pieces that become an impressive gift for all working men and women on Labor Day. People love to buy furniture in this period as they get high quality furniture at lower costs. Infect, many people starts saving some money before a month of Labor’s Day so that they can buy designer and high quality furniture collections for their home at this day. To know more about the furniture store that is offering great saving offers of Labor Day Event, click here. Here is an infographic that will show some furniture pieces that are in offer and you can actually save big amount on them.

Labor Day Event and Furniture Sale


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